Positioned as a Counseling Christian

At the office of Charles L. Olliff, M.Ed, LPC, we have a simple approach.  Counsel like Christ.  
This means offer compassion when needed and be prepard to confront when necessary. 
People are never confronted.  However, the perceptions and learned reactions that people apply, to their relationships and other important things, are subject such therapeutic techniques.                      
Through counseling, Charles L. Olliff strives to give patients the courage to participate in their own
therapeutic improvement. 

Education and licensure

- 1992 Graduate of Oklahoma Christian University  

  with a Bachelor in Education.


- 1995 Graduate of Lamar University

  with a Masters of Education in Counseling &  



- 1999 Licensed by the Texas State Board of

 Examiners of Professional Counselors as a  

 Licensed Professional Counselor


- 2005 Licensed by the Texas State Board of

 Examiners of Professional Counselor Supervisor


- 2011 Certified Anger Resolution Counselor  

There are several different types of therapy.  The differences in people contribute to the reason a client needs to find the right counselor for them. If you are experiencing difficulty in life that needs immediate attention, assistance is only a phone call away.