Stronger Than Anger (Classes)

Chuck Olliff can help you find the source of your anger

It is completely normal to experience anger. However, if your anger is out of control, you pose a threat  to others and the relationships that are important to you.
Thus, anger management may be right for you.  As a Certified Anger Resolution Counselor and over 20 years of experience, Chuck can help you overcome anger and help you understand why you feel the way you do.

Chuck Olliff is offering classes that Help you move forward to:

  - Identify your emotions

  - Control the expression of your emotions

  - Learn the origin of your anger

  - Understand what makes you angry

  - Understand why you remain angry

  - Stop giving your power away

Leadership Strength - Anger Management Class (Option 1)
                                      'For Managers with Angry Staff'
A Four Week Program

This class offers business owners and leaders alternative options in
dealing with angry staff.

  • Owners
  • Managers
  • Directors
  • Principals
  • Leaders

Personal Development - Anger Management Class (Option 2) 
                                            'For Individuals Needing Anger Management'
A Four Week Program

This class offers team members and employees alternative options for
dealing with personal anger.

  • Employees
  • Team Members
  • Staff
  • Individuals with Anger Issues
                            'Stay Clam, Stay Informed, Stay Ready'

The next Personal Development Classes (for Angry People) begins on TBA (Call Office for Details)
The next Leadership Strenght Classes (for managers of Angry People) begins on TBA (Call Office for Details)
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Class fee is $150 for a 4 week class.  A $30 discount for Pre-registration will be refunded at the first meeting

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Anger is often a secondary emotion to a primary emotion. 
Destructive anger reactions are often defense efforts to avoid facing the truth associated with the primary emotion. Discover the source of your anger.                                                                                                                                 
Call us today so we can help unveil what you're keeping hidden by your learned anger reactions.