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Find your relationship

Relationships and marriages can be challenged by a variety of experiences. Marriage challenges can effect our passion for our partnership and we may lose focus on what God intended. Regain the way your marriage used to feel when you first embarked on the world as a couple. Fine tuning a relationship can help improve communication and intimacy.

Building a solid relationship

- Learn about a Covenant and a Contract Relationship

- Learn how to love each other more effectively

- Learn how to COMMUNICATE

- Learn how to work out your marriage muscles

- Learn how to work together on your marriage

- Learn how to overcome hardships

- Learn how to trust again

Our office provides you with a safe and neutral environment to address your marriage needs. Cultivate your relationship with guidance from an experienced professional counselor.


Divorce can be one of the most devastating experiences one can have.
Sometimes a divorce may seem like the only action one can take to protect themselves.
Often times, a divorce is not the desired result of a marriage in decline.
However, one may be forced to respond, anyway.

The effects of a divorce can be similar to someone in grief. 
There may not be an ideal responce, but there are responsible things one can do. 

The Getting Better Divorce Recovery Group is scheduled for:

Upcoming Group

September 28, 2020 - November 16, 2020
(Each Consecutive Monday Evening)
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Cost $100   - To be paid in full prior at the start of the 1st session
                   -  There will be no refunds for missed sessions
Participants can pay by Check, Cash or Debit/Credit card at the 1st session

Please call the office or email Chuck to register.
Leave your Name and return contact information for confirmation

409-813-1116  (you may use the 'Contact Us' icon on the Home page of this site)

All sessions will be held in a hybrid format.
At the offices of
     Charles L. Olliff, LPC
     4055 Dowlen Road, Suite 113
     Beaumont, Texas  77706

Also, there is a Zoom option
Email Chuck by using the above email address or the Contact Option on this website
Request the Zoom link and it will be sent to to you
Please remember to register at each meeting 

Material will be available for group discussion and furture reference. 



Faith based counseling

A family is as unique as its members and its culture.  The bond that holds each family together is love. Thus, our measure of hurt can be equal with our level of love.

Restore your family dynamic with Christian based counseling services. Charles Olliff, M.Ed., LPC, has dedicated over 20 years to building stronger family bonds with a Christian foundation.

Recover what you know

- The pain of disappointments can be heard by a licensed counselor who is trained to listen for the origin and the effect of many years of family dysfunction.


- The developed Habits and Hang-ups of many years of hurting can be identified, and then the client can begin to be challenged to grow.


- The family can learn to love each other “well” again. This means that family members learn to love each other in the best way that they can.


- The family can begin to develop improved communication skills.

A family in trouble needs specialized care from a licensed counselor. No matter what issues your family is facing, Chuck can help restore goals and purpose to help your family rebuild the bonds that are desired.


The right path for your life

Individual therapy gives you a safe place to talk about your personal struggles and realize life's victories. For some, life can be increasingly difficult. Chuck helps guide you, without judgement, through the issues you may have. Chuck will work with you to create a comprehensive plan of therapy that is designed to emulate the Way of Christ and find the Victory He has planned for you.

Individual services include:

  - Anger    (See the 'Stronger Then Anger' Classes on the Anger Page)

  - Anxiety

  - Depression

  - Grief

  - Traumatic Experiences (Accidents or Abuse)

  - Communication Issues (Family or Occupational)


Individuals are offered a non-judgmental session where they can work through their uncomfortable issues and prepare to share their growth in their everyday life.


Find the source of your anger

It is completely normal to experience anger. However, if your anger is out of control, you pose a threat to others and the relationships that are important to you. Thus, anger management may be right for you.  As a Certiified Anger Resolution Counselor and over 20 years of experience, Chuck can help you overcome anger and help you understand why you feel the way you do.

"Stronger Than Anger" Classes

A 4 week class on how to deal with ANGRY PEOPLE
(For: Managers, Team Members/Leaders, Principals, etc.)

Followed Immediately by a 4 week Advanced Class on how to deal with        YOUR ANGER.
     (Learn Your: Triggers and Reactions to Anger)

'Stay Clam, Stay Informed, Stay Ready'

Classes are held at our office:    4055 Dowlen Road, Suite 113
                                                     Beaumont, TX  77706

Call our office at 409-813-1116 to register.
Class fee starts at $150 for a 4 week class. (Discounts given for early enrollment)
Click on the Stronger Than Anger icon for more Topics and Class Dates
Click on the Event Registration icon to enroll

Helping you move forward

  - Identify your emotions

  - Controlling the expression of your emotions

  - Learn the origin of your anger

  - Understand what makes you angry

  - Understand why you remain angry

  - Stop giving your power away


Anger is often a secondary emotion to a primary emotional.  Distructive anger reactions are often defense efforts to avoid facing the truth assocaiated with the primary emotion.  Discover the source of your anger. Call us today so we can help unveil what you're keeping hidden by your learned anger reactions.


Dealing with loss

Grief counseling can help ease the pain you have from the loss of a loved one. When you lose someone important in your life, the grief and pain can seem unbearable. Loss can come in many forms, such as death, divorce, health issues, etc.  Chuck has specialized in helping work with grief and understanding it better. Coping with your loss can help bring happiness and peace back into your life.

Coping with loss

  - How the mind grieves

  - What experiences to expect

  - Overcoming guilt

  - Understanding how grief effects our relationships with others

  - What does scripture say about coping with loss

  - How to begin to cope with loss and begin to recapture happiness and peace

The Group Schedule is as follows:
     All Group Classes are on Tuesdays or Thursdays.
     Times may vary.


Upcoming Groups

Getting Better Grief Group
Sponsored by Best Hospice of Southeast Texas

September 29, 2020 - November 17, 2020
(Each Consecutive Tuesday Evening)
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Broussard's Center
1775 Calder
Beaumont, TX

Zoom Link for online attendance is available for those who can not attend a live meeting
Email Chuck by using the Contact Option on this website
Request the Zoom link and one will be sent to you
Reminder that you will need to register your name at each meeting

Grief Group sessions are free of charge.